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Welcome to Blue Water Championship Wrestling! Based out of Port Huron, Mi.

Port Huron PKSA becomes new official sponsor for Blue Water Championship Wrestling!
Port Huron, Michigan---- It comes with great privilege to announce not only the return of Blue Water Championship Wrestling but to announce that PKSA Port Huron owners Michael & Mary Weir have graciously stepped in and brought back a little something extra to their Port Huron location........Professional Wrestling!!!! Blue Water Championship Wrestling has had such a great following over the years and its great to see BWCW become not only involved with the community but to showcase real class on bringing a fresh new product to the area. BWCW Owner & Promoter Andrew D'Arcy had stated that "We couldn't be anymore fortunate to have PKSA start a great journey together on both community perspective and the business sense". For those who remember BWCW was not only voted 2 consecutive years in a row for Michigan Indy Promotion of the Year by Michigan Indy Wrestling Central but they have been featured 5 consecutive years in a row as one of the top 139 feds in the world according to Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine. Port Huron, along with many other communities who have suffered lack of entertainment value, sure hopes to bring back some great Old School Rasslin. From piledrivers to hiptosses, moonsaults to backbreakers, BWCW is looking to make that return impact to the great state of Michigan.
BWCW to start production on Wrestling Academy commercial. Former students & extras wanted
Port Huron, Michigan---- Blue Water Championship Wrestling has announced they will begin production on their television commercial in the upcoming weeks. Former students/graduates & extras are currently wanted. Those interested contact BWCW at bwcwstars@live.com today or call Andrew at 810-357-5345.
BWCW begins negotiations with WWE Hall of Famer & Original Diva........Sunny for upcoming event